Spelling Bee Sign-up Sheet (Limit 50)

UPDATE: This event is now over. If you would like to sign up below, you will have to build a time machine and go back in the past to do so, because we are no longer allowing new competitors to enter the competition, which has ended. Thank you.

The Official Unlympics Spelling Competition will be held February 7 at 7 p.m. Quimby’s, but competitors MUST SIGN UP BELOW with their FULL NAME in order to reserve a place. You must also provide your EMAIL ADDRESS but this need not appear below Limit 50 competitors.

Competitors will be charged $5 to compete in the Spelling Competition. This event is free to watch. If you get the rest of the audience to do the wave, though, we’re going to have to charge you a dollar per wave appearance. Sorry, we’re just not big fans of the wave.

Competition will be limited to 50 individuals. Competitors are requested to show up at Quimby’s no later than 6:45 to sign in and pay the $5 entrance fee. Because this does represent your only chance to relive your childhood glory days in front of a captive, ready-to-cheer audience, during the Winter of 2009 at Quimby’s, I’d suggest you get to signing up!


34 Responses to “Spelling Bee Sign-up Sheet (Limit 50)”

  1. Anne Elizabeth Moore Says:

    (In transferring this list from our previous site, these three individuals have already signed up. Hooray!)

    1. Nance K.
    2. Sean Oliver
    3. Heather Mitchell

  2. Anne Elizabeth Moore Says:

    4. Gabi Fitz

  3. Mitchell Szczepanczyk Says:

    Sign me up. This sounds like fun.

  4. Jocelyn Brown Says:

    Count me in.

  5. Jasmine Skorupa Says:

    Sign me up!

  6. unlympics Says:

    8. Aay Preston-Mint.

  7. Jimmy Otto Says:

    sign me up…

    Jimmy Otto

  8. Elizabeth Crane Says:

    Sign me up!

  9. Kate Eyler-Werve Says:

    I heart spelling!

  10. Kelly Pope Says:

    Sounds like a fun night, count me in please!

  11. Jimmy Otto Says:

    double checking to see whether i’ve been signed up…

  12. Stephanie Velasco Says:

    Sign me up! (Please.)

  13. Lena Singer Says:

    I’d like to spell.

  14. Ryan Rodriguez Says:

    I would like to sign up for the Spelling Bee please. Also are there going to be any prizes for the winners? Not that it would sway my enrollment, but I’m just curious

  15. unlympics Says:


    Thank you for asking. The Unlympics is an “internationally” “recognized” “sports” festival, and therefore entirely “professional”. Winners will receive bragging rights and also “medals”, although these may be replaced by other more appropriate / ridiculous award-like objects. Corporate sponsorships and lavish gifts may or may not also be bestowed upon you by an adoring public, we’re not making any promises there but it’s happened with other sports festivals.

  16. Silvana Naguib Says:

    I’m signing up!

  17. veronica Says:

    veronica arreola
    above person’s daughter, elizabeth last-name-not-same (who will also most likely back out once she sees the crowd)

  18. unlympics Says:

    1. Nance K.
    2. Sean Oliver
    3. Heather Mitchell
    4. Gabi Fitz
    5. Heidi Wiegandt
    6. Kelly Pope
    7. Jimmy Otto
    8. Kate Eyler-Werve
    9. Elizabeth Crane
    10. Aay Preston-Mint
    11. Jasmine Skorupa
    12. Jocelyn Brown
    13. Mitchell Szczepanczyk
    14. Stephanie Velasco
    15. Lena Singer
    16. Ryan Rodriguez
    17. Silvana Naguib
    18. Veronica Arreola
    19. Elizabeth Not Arreola (Veronica’s +1)

  19. Ben Pegram Says:

    May I join?

  20. rachel herman Says:

    #21 rachel herman

    yay! i’ll be in town after all!

  21. Kathleen Hisey Says:

    Sign me up please.

  22. Lisa Setlak Says:

    Please sign up:

    Lisa Setlak
    Brian Jorgensen

  23. Robyn Nisi Says:

    Sign me up please.

  24. Danielle Dahlin Says:

    I’ll be there!

  25. Erin Green Says:

    I’m in!

  26. Bob Mason Says:

    Would love to join in the bee.

  27. unlympics Says:

    Fantastic! I’m going to email a reminder to all our spellers in a moment, but in case you’re late to signing up, spellers should arrive at Quimby’s (1854 W. North Avenue) no later than 6:45 tonight to get registered.

    See you then!

  28. Christy Prahl Says:

    Indecision over. Count me in!

  29. Julia Says:

    i wuld lik to sin up plese. I luv to spel

  30. Juliayn Coleman Says:

    5th grade bee champ, yep, that’s 1982, cominatcha!

  31. Joshua W. Says:

    Please sign me up. Thanks.

  32. Joshua Brach Farnum Says:

    I’m there like a musical robot!

    (I got in under 50, right? I’m not a COUNTING robot.)

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