Press Statement: Opening Day Ceremonies, January 24, 2009


img_3923For Immediate Release from AEM for the UOC

Jan 27, CHICAGO—Saturday night, nearly 50 people from all over Chicagoland came out to kick off the Winter 2009 Unlympic Games. The crowd, representing a diversity of notions including limnality, FEMA, enthusiasm, toxic sludge, winning and losing, risked extremes in temperature during a 20-minute outside parade and a few small, accidental fires that broke out during the traditional Unlympic sparkler-lighting ceremony. Oops. It was, perhaps needless to say, quite a moving event.

In addition to showing off the notions with which participants identify—not a single nation was represented, although “French Theory” came awfully close—real conversations took place around questions the Olympic Games pose for Chicago: Who is making decisions about the Chicago 2016 bid? How do we feel about them? And, what are we going to do about it? 
“We expected the event to be well attended,” Anne Elizabeth Moore, Secretary for the Unlympics Organizing Committee, tells the press. “But we didn’t expect it to be so emotionally rewarding.”
Feel free to read over the full text of UOC Secretary AEM’s opening remarks on the Unlympics site and be sure look over the amazing pictures posted to relive, or imagine, the glory of the Unlympics Opening Day Ceremonies. Video will also be available soon. 


In addition to signing up for the February 7 Spelling Bee, and forming Class Conscious Kickball teams for the January 31 Indoor/Outdoor Games, attendees played their first game, The Game Where You Win. Approximately ten gold medals, ten silver medals, and ten bronze medals were awarded those who signed up to receive them in a neat and orderly fashion. Participants were also urged to support the CEO 2016 Olympic Village Ordinance by calling their alderperson. 

The CEO 2016 Olympic Village Ordinance will protect Chicago citizens in the event of displacement during Olympic site construction. Should Chicago be chosen as the site for the 2016 Olympic Games, it is vital we protect our residents from the injustices committed against low-income residents of Olympic cities past.

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