Press Statement: Indoor/Outdoor Games, January 31, 2009

February 2, CHICAGO—On Saturday, around 30 people came down to Washington Park from surrounding neighborhoods and all over Chicago to compete in kickball, fashion, and running contests in the Winter 2009 Unlympic Games. Later, we gathered at InCUBATE to participate in a Live Action Role Play Family Potluck Dinner, which became heated when discussion of the Chicago 2016 bid was raised. (Although Uncle Phil’s alleged pedophilia was also hotly debated.)

Sponsored by the Chicago Working Group on Extreme Inequality, the Indoor/Outdoor Games featured Class-Conscious Kickball, which highlighted the privileges some are granted in Chicago, and presented the Chicago 2016 race for the torch as favoring the wealthy.

“The playing field isn’t even,” Anne Elizabeth Moore, Secretary for the Unlympics Organizing Committee, tells the press. “Some are trained from birth to compete and others are never even told about the game. That’s not what living in a democracy is supposed to be about.”

Should Chicago be chosen as the 2016 Olympic host city, the Washington Park setting—planned site for an 80,000-seat Olympic Stadium venue (to be scaled down following the Games to a 5,000-seat venue)—will go under construction in as little as four years, some estimates say. The corresonding Olympic Village hotel and housing construction activities may make such community activities impossible at that time.

“We’ll certainly remember Washington Park, though,” UOC Secretary AEM tells the press. “We met a lot of amazing people that day. I hope they’re able to stay in the neighborhood.”

In addition to signing up for the February 7 Spelling Bee, participants were urged to support the CEO 2016 Olympic Village Ordinance by calling their alderperson. The CEO 2016 Olympic Village Ordinance will protect Chicago citizens in the event of low-income housing loss during Olympic site construction. Should Chicago be chosen as the site for the 2016 Olympic Games, it is vital we protect our new friends from the displacement that plagues Olympic cities past.

For more information, please visit the Official Unympics Everything site:, or email or


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