A project of Anne Elizabeth Moore and InCUBATE, the Unlympic Games consists of real sports, fake sports, and things that aren’t sports at all—plus serve as a meeting ground to discuss the implications of the Chicago 2016 Olympic bid.

The bid is created by the Chicago 2016 committee and is due the International Olympic Committee February 12, 2009. The following day, February 13, the bid will be published. This will be the first chance Chicago has to view the Chicago 2016 committee’s plans for its city.

Between Saturday January 24 to February 14 2009, InCUBATE’s person-in-residence Anne Elizabeth Moore, on behalf of the Unlympics Organizing Committee, are presenting four consecutive Saturdays filled with games, silliness, and enjoyable activities in celebration of the idea that diverse notions can come together in the spirit of sharing. In addition to the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, the Unlympic Games include eleven different events throughout the city and open to all Chicago residents. These games are sponsored by organizations whose constituencies will be directly impacted by the Chicago 2016 Olympic bid, and will be preceded by concrete information—and not marketing—about the impact the Olympics may have on Chicago.


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