Images from the Judge Competition

Our final competition of the evening was the Judge Competition, in which the competitors turned the tables on our judges and sat in judgment of them. Please note that our Live Action Role-Play Family Potluck Dinner, Spelling Bee, Solitary Isolation, Jump-rope, and Judge Competition have been eliminated from the judging either because winners were determined by group consensus, or because it just seemed too confusing.

Judges were awarded a range of 0 to 7 points based on their display of: FAIRNESS, ACCURACY, and AWESOMENESS.

And the competitors were:

  • Roman Petruniak, for The Game Where You Win                       
  • Matthew Joynt, for the Fashion Competition
  • Bryce Dwyer, for Run Around the Block and We’ll Time You               
  • Kristen Cox, for Class-Conscious Kickball                       
  • AEM, for Spectator Sport                       
  • Heidi Weigant, for the Synchronized Game                       
  • Liz & Joe Mason of Shameless Karaoke, for the Karaoke Competition

A special write-in category was created to judge the Chicago 2016 Committee on FAIRNESS, ACCURACY, and AWESOMENESS. Of a potential point range well exceeding 50,000, the Chicago 2016 Committee was awarded 2 total points, none in the category of FAIRNESS.


* Roman Petruniak received one exclamation point in the category of Awesomeness, valued by for the purposes of this game at 30,000 points.

** Please note that Bryce Dwyer received 4 expressions of unquantifiable love, valued for the purposes of this game at 7,500 points each.

*** Anne Elizabeth Moore received three different awards of one million poetry bucks in each category, but we’re all aware that poetry doesn’t count for much, so while it’s appreciated deeply, this did not change her final score.



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