Intellectual Games: February, 7, 7 p.m. (from the Official Program Guide)

7 p.m. Quimby’s, 1854 W. North Avenue
$5 per competitor


Please note that all awards ceremonies are BYOB.

  1. In competition, after the pronouncer gives the speller a word, the speller will be encouraged to pronounce the word before spelling it and after spelling it. The judges may not disqualify a speller for failing to pronounce the word either before or after spelling it. But the judges will know that the speller is done if he or she pronounces the word after spelling it and the pronouncer will be assured that the speller has heard the word correctly if he or she pronounces it before beginning to spell it.
  2. The speller may ask the pronouncer to say the word again, define it, and/or use it in a sentence. The pronouncer shall grant all such requests until the judges agree that the word has been made reasonably clear to the contestant. Judges may disqualify any speller who ignores a request to start spelling.
  3. Having started to spell a word, a speller may stop and start over, retracing the spelling from the beginning, but in retracing there can be NO change of letters or their sequence from those first pronounced. If letters or their sequence is changed in the respelling, the speller will be eliminated. In other words, a speller can’t correct him or her self, even while it is still his or her turn.
  4. The contest shall be conducted in rounds. Each speller remaining in the spelling bee at the start of a round shall spell one word in the round, except when there are two spellers remaining. (At that point, refer to Rule 6.)
  5. If a word has one or more homonyms, the pronouncer will indicate which word is to be spelled. If the listed word is not properly identified, either by defining it or using it in a sentence, any correct spelling of any homonym of the word will be accepted.
  6. When the number of spellers is reduced to two, the elimination procedure changes. At that point, when one speller misspells a word, the other speller shall be given an opportunity to spell that same word. If the second speller spells that word correctly, plus the next word on the pronouncer’s list, then the second speller shall be declared the champion. If one of the last two spellers and the other, after correcting the error, misspells the new word submitted to him/her, then the misspelled new word shall be given to the first speller. If the first speller then succeeds in correcting the error and correctly spells the next word on the list, then he or she becomes the champion. If both spellers misspell the same word, both shall continue in the contest and the one who first misspelled the word shall be given a new word to spell.
  7. Judges are in complete control of the competition. Players don’t always agree with the decisions or like them, but accept them as part of good sportsmanship.
  8. Spectators must remain silent between the announcement of the word and the judge’s decree. No cheering for words that are properly spelled is to be tolerated, but cheering for each individual speller’s style is ecouraged.
  9. This is the most important rule of all. Please have fun and relax, whether you’re a participant or a spectator.



Quimby’s, specialists in the importation, distribution, and sale of unusual publications, aberrant periodicals, comic booklets, and a comprehensive miscellany of the latest independent ‘zines’ that all the kids have been talking about, is the official intellectual sponsor of the Unlympic Games. Founded in 1991, the bookstore is a WickerPark/Bucktown tradition and a national testament to the vitality of democracy.

The Chicago 2016 bid is supported by PR firm Hill & Knowlton, whose previous campaigns are noted for their massive expense and seemingly organic success. Previous clients include a plethora of countries with horrific human rights abuse violations, including post-Tianenman Square China and post-East Timor Indonesia—countries from which H&K profited by $14mn in just one year. Additionally, H&K is the firm behind the first Gulf War, having created books, videos, astroturf organizations, and false press conferences to call for the protection of Kuwait.

Most famously, the firm hired and coached a 15-year-old girl on statements that she saw “Iraqi soldiers come into the hospital with guns, and go into the room where . . . babies were in incubators. They took the babies out of the incubators, took the incubators, and left the babies on the cold floor to die.” Within three months, this false testimony was the basis for hundreds of news stories and directly preceded the Gulf War.

The tradition of human and civil rights abuses associated with the Olympic Games is long, including the detainment of reporters covering last year’s Beijing Games and abuse of protestors during the 1968 Mexico City Games, to name just a few. Yet already the Chicago 2016 Committee’s disinterest in the process of democracy is evident.

Local experts, for example, were not consulted during the creation of the Environmental Impact Assessment on at least one of the Olympic construction sites. Olympic construction is not only likely to impact the patterns of migratory birds in Lincoln Park, but also displace thousands of human residents in Hyde Park and Brownsville, whose concerns about the bid have been largely ignored by the Chicago 2016 committee. Additionally, the bid will not be made public until February 13th, the day after it is due the International Olympic Committee, which deliberately disallows public comment on the details of the committee’s plans for the city.

The Unlympics Organizing Committee has submitted a request for Chicago 2016 to hold off on submitting the bid until Chicagoans have the chance to review and approve it in an open and democratic process.

One Response to “Intellectual Games: February, 7, 7 p.m. (from the Official Program Guide)”

  1. unlympics Says:

    Contestants Thus Far – but keep ’em coming. The more the merrier.

    1. Nance K.
    2. Sean Oliver
    3. Heather Mitchell
    4. Gabi Fitz
    5. Heidi Wiegandt
    6. Kelly Pope
    7. Jimmy Otto
    8. Kate Eyler-Werve
    9. Elizabeth Crane
    10. Aay Preston-Mint
    11. Jasmine Skorupa
    12. Jocelyn Brown
    13. Mitchell Szczepanczyk

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