Indoor/Outdoor Games (sponsored by the Chicago Working Group on Extreme Inequality)

Run Around the Block and We'll Time You

The Indoor/Outdoor Games were off to a rousing start as the costumed and uncostumed alike competed in the competition Run Around the Block and We’ll Time You, modified here to be Run Around the Pole and We’ll Time You.

Winner's Circle

Two winners took home Gold Medals in this competition: One for speed and one for style. (You can already see several contestants who came prepared for the Fashion Competition.)

Matt Evens the Playing Field

Matthew Joynt, Co-Secretary of the Unlympics Organizing Committee, shovels snow off the baseline to even the playing field for Class-Conscious Kickball.


Unfortunately, the rich had all the advantages in the game, which allowed some to get to Third Base . . .


. . . and other unable to make it to First.

Finally, Max Power (brilliantly played by Salem Collo-Julin), representing a confluence of wealth and power, took the field.img_3983

Leaving several bodies in her wake—appropriately enough in Washington Park, the site of the future Olympic Stadium and potential rampant displacement of Chicago residents from their homes—Max Power attacks the ref, takes the ball, and pronounces herself the winner.

Kristin and Joe

Kristin Cox, of sponsor organization Chicago Working Group on Extreme Inequality, narrates the events of Class-Conscious Kickball while Official Unlympics Commentator Joe Mason facilitates.


The evening’s game, Live Action Role Play Family Potluck Dinner, became excessively messy as family members argued the merits and downsides of the Chicago 2016 bid. 

All photos by Secretary of the Unlympics Organizing Committee Anne Elizabeth Moore, and you can see more of them here.

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